Wednesday 15 August 2012




In three days Ramadan will be over. I did fast at the beginning but after few
days, I could not do it anymore. We were given food at 4pm even if they know
that we are allowed to eat only at around 9pm.

So, the food was not as warm as it should be. We do wake up at 7am. The day
is so long and i am not used to eat on a daily basis Asian cuisine.

In the last few years i spent Ramadan with my family in Algeria. It was so
good. I do really miss it.


However, I received yesterday a letter from the HMP Durham
telling me that a have a meeting on Monday with a sentence
plan officer. This
meeting should have taken place two months ago.

Anyway, now I hope that I will be transferred to an Inside nearer to

I am so happy for my family because they will not have to travel anymore each
time 550 miles to come to visit me. It is so tiring for them.  They do it twice
a month.

I am lucky to have such support from them. They are the best in the

Inside,  I spend most of the day sleeping and watching TV. Three times a week
i am allowed to use the Gym.

Every morning, I can call my family for ten minutes. So, I am updated of all
what’s going on outside my isolated world.

Hopefully, when I will be moved to another Inside I could do some studying as
well as playing some football.

I do really miss it…

Salim Hassaine

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